The ACTIV ECO PREMIUM health mat leads to relaxation of the body, relieves pain and fatigue. The spikes that the mat has, pressing selected areas of the body, will improve the blood supply to the muscles, leading to their faster regeneration and the secretion of endorphins. Thanks to endorphins, your mood will improve and they will positively affect the action of neuropeptides - molecules whose task is to relieve pain.

The mat is made of high-quality materials, all elements used are anti-allergic. The cover of the mat is made of high-quality 100% natural linen, inside the mat there is a thick insert made of natural coconut fiber, thanks to which the mat is natural and ecological. The fiber is latexed, so it does not absorb moisture, and the insert remains hygienic.
The Activ Eco Premium mat is recommended for the following ailments:
- muscle tension,
- poor circulation
- insomnia,
- degenerative changes of the spine,
- stress, depression
- pain in the neck, back and spine
- sciatica
- shoulder pain
- headaches

How we use:
The best effects are with daily use of the mat. The duration of daily use depends on the user's skill level as follows:
- Beginner 5 - 10 minutes
- Intermediate 10 - 20 minutes
- Advanced 20 - 40 minutes
Additional information:
- Material: 100% natural linen
- Mat filling: Natural coconut fibre
- Pillow filling: Buckwheat hulls
- Material color: Navy blue
- The pillow is not sewn to the mat
- Color of the rosette: Navy blue
- Rosette material: ABS

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