TWINDICATOR sterilization test

Multi-parameter strip test for controlling sterilization processes with steam and overpressure in autoclaves, with the possibility of using them in large and small packages (by dividing the strips).

- The Twindicator® test is in the form of a 20 cm long strip.

- The Twindicator® test is perforated in the middle of the length, which allows you to easily divide the strip into two shorter ones - 10 cm long.

- Indicator ink is applied to the strip as a line through the center of the test strip.

- Indicator ink on the not yet used test is light beige, and turns black after successful sterilization.

- The Twindicator® multi-parameter test performs simultaneous time, temperature and water vapor penetration control during the sterilization process.

- Twindicator® gives a clear color change ("light beige" to "black")

- Due to the permanent color change of the indicator after the Twindicator® process, it can be archived as evidence of successful sterilization

- Twindicator® complies with EN 867-1 Class D

- Twindicator® is packed in collective packages consisting of 1 box x 250 test pieces, 20 cm long (which is equivalent to 500 test pieces 10 cm long)


- Economical - depending on the size of the packages to be sterilized, you can decide on the length of the test strip (it is possible to divide the strip in half).

- Versatile - Twindicator® shows the sterilization result in two temperature ranges (121ºC and 134ºC).

- Safety and comprehensiveness of control thanks to adapting the test to the simultaneous control of three sterilization parameters (time, temperature, water vapor penetration)

- Confidence in reading - the color of the indicator ink changes from light beige to black.

- The color of the indicator ink is permanent (it will not fade or blur), thanks to which the documentation of the sterilization process remains available for inspection for a long time.

- Compliance with European and American standards (constant FDA supervision in the USA is a guarantee of the best quality)

Quantity: 2 x 250 pcs. In the package

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