MEDILAB preparations

Avoiding infectious diseases is especially important from the point of view of qualified cosmetologists, hairdressers, barbers, podologists, dentists, tattoo artists - any infection of the patient is harmful to both his health and the image of such a salon. Therefore, the highest efforts should be made to avoid such incidents, such as maintaining basic hygiene rules, regular disinfection and then sterilization of reusable tools are mandatory processes nowadays. Medilab preparations are a wide range of disinfection products that are worth using in beauty salons. Various formulas and dosing methods enable their use in various conditions. The confirmed, high effectiveness of the presented agents guarantees compliance with safety and hygiene rules and maintaining sterile working conditions. The manufacturer's offer includes both means for disinfecting tools and usable surfaces, as well as skin. By using them, you will be sure to get rid of any bacteria, viruses and pathogenic microorganisms that may pose a threat to health.

Effective decontamination with Medilab disinfectants

In our offer you will find preparations in the form of a convenient spray, disinfectant wipes and concentrates for the preparation of solutions. Depending on the services you provide, as well as the tools you use, you can choose the one that will perfectly meet the needs of the office from the available range of products. The basic agent is a hand sanitizer. Both the hands of staff and customers using the services should be thoroughly disinfected each time using effective alcohol-based agents. This simple step of thoroughly distributing the liquid and leaving it for several seconds ensures that any bacteria on the skin surface are removed. Already after 30 seconds, the preparation has a bactericidal and virucidal effect.

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